Analysis: Nearly 400K Anchor Babies Born Across U.S. Last Year

Illegal aliens, tourists, and foreign visa workers delivered nearly 400,000 children across the United States last year, exceeding the populations of many American cities like Cleveland, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Newark, New Jersey; and Orlando, Florida, among others.

Analysis conducted in 2018 by the Center for Immigration Studies reveals that nearly 400,000 “anchor babies,” the term used to describe the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens, are delivered across all 50 states each year.

Anchor babies are rewarded with birthright American citizenship despite their parents having no legitimate ties to the U.S., many having only recently arrived. Years later, when the child is considered an adult, they can sponsor their parents and foreign relatives for green cards — anchoring their family in the U.S. for generations.

In 2022, some 300,000 anchor babies are estimated to have been delivered to illegal alien parents. In addition, about 72,000 anchor babies were estimated to have been delivered to foreign tourists, foreign visa workers, and foreign students.


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