An Open Letter to Alan Dershowitz

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Dear Professor Dershowitz:

Since you are both a legal and theological scholar, I am confident that you are familiar with the repeated phrase, “Justice, justice shall you pursue” (Deut. 16:20).  Although I have often disagreed with your conclusions and the causes/people you have supported in your career, I have always held the highest respect for your integrity and pursuit of justice based upon your values.

You have recently been experiencing the vitriol of the left and cancel culture in your home of Martha’s Vineyard, and it is profoundly sad that you are being degraded by your local community members.  But if we are honest, you should not be surprised by this development. As long as you were a champion for their causes, you were a celebrity.  But you are now realizing what many of us “former Democrats” have sadly already experienced in recent years: the Democratic Party is currently controlled by an extremist faction that not only allows but encourages behavior that is disgusting and repulsive to any human being of ethics.