An epidemic every 100 years: Plague of 1720, cholera of 1820, Spanish flu of 1920, coronavirus of 2020

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Every hundred years, there seems to be a great pandemic, plague 1720, cholera epidemic 1820 and Spanish flu 1920.
The pandemics mentioned above seem to follow the same pattern as the current viral epidemic in China.

But history has really repeated itself, was this virus deliberately spread by an organization? Below, I will write a bit about the history of these pandemics:

The year 1720:
In 1720, there was the last large-scale bubonic plague pandemic, also called  the great plague of Marseille  . Records show that the bacteria killed around 100,000 people in Marseille.
It is assumed that the bacteria are spread by flies infected with this bacteria.

The year 1820:
The first records of a  cholera pandemic  took place in 1820, which took place in Asia, in the countries of Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. In 1820, more than 100,000 deaths were recorded in Asia due to this bacterium. The pandemic is said to have started with people who drank water from lakes contaminated with this bacteria.

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