Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Disney Shuts Down Theme Park; Thousands Of Movie Theaters Across China Close

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Topline: As Chinese authorities look for ways to contain the Wuhan coronavirus, these are all the businesses and tourist attractions that have shut their doors in response to the spreading virus that’s raised fears amid the upcoming Lunar New Year.

  • With more than 870 people infected and 26 deaths from the coronavirus as of Friday morning, a host of businesses have been temporarily closed in China, including restaurants, movie theaters, popular tourist attractions and airports.
  • Disney announced on Friday that it will close down its $5.5 billion mega theme park in China, the Shanghai Disney Resort, “in response to the prevention and control of the disease outbreak.”
  • McDonald’s also announced the same morning that it “suspended business” effective immediately across five cities in the Hubei Province (the center of the outbreak), where it has several dozen locations.
  • China also took the rare and costly step of closing down thousands of movie theaters, despite the fact that the Chinese New Year period usually brings in well over $1 billion in box office revenue; seven major blockbusters scheduled to be released during the holiday period were also canceled the day before theaters were closed.

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