‘America’s Economy, Culture, and Schools Are Under Attack, and Virginia is On The Front Line’

Puneet Ahluwalia, Republican Candidate for VA Lieutenant Governor:

Proponents of Critical Race Theory argue that people of color are condemned to failure because our culture is poisoned by racism. They say America is hopelessly flawed and must be overturned.  And now they’re insisting Virginia schools teach this hateful and discredited theory.

Can you imagine telling a child she can never succeed no matter how hard she works? That she is destined to failure and poverty regardless of her creativity, effort, or merit?

To my way of thinking, that is psychological abuse. 

And it will turn our children into adults convinced they are victims of an unjust country. Why wouldn’t children become frustrated, confused, hateful, and violent?
We must stop progressive plans to wreck our schools and indoctrinate our children before it’s too late.

Register to vote in the May 8th nomination process and we’ll stop the progressives and end the threat of Critical Race Theory once and for all.

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