American Taxpayers Stuck Paying Billions to Build, Renovate NFL Stadiums

The American people are being forced to pay billions across the country to build stadiums for the NFL to play in, despite the fact that the league is worth an estimated $132 billion as a whole.

While it is difficult to put a firm price tag on the NFL, Sportico recently estimated that the average team is worth $4.14 billion, and the business and real estate holdings of the league as a whole are worth upwards of $132 billion.

The league also brings in more than ten billion each year in revenue. found that the league earned $14.48 billion in 2018, $15.26 billion in 2019, $12.2 billion in the COVID year of 2020, and an astounding $17.19 billion in 2021.

Yet, despite wading in stacks of cash, the NFL continues to force American taxpayers to pay to build its team’s new stadiums or put billions of tax dollars into renovating older ones. And this goes on even when these cities and states rarely see a return on investment.

As CNBC reported on Thursday, taxpayers who live in or visit Tennessee, Las Vegas, Chicago, and more are stuck paying billions in taxes to satisfy the NFL teams hungry for updated, multibillion-dollar facilities.

For instance, the people of Tennessee in general, and the city of Nashville in particular, are on the hook for $500 million and $760 million, respectively, for the new stadium for the Tennessee Titans.


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