American desperate to rescue ‘School of Rock’ girls from Afghanistan


Lanny Cordola has played guitar with members of Guns N’ Roses, Lou Rawls, Macy Gray and the Beach Boys. But his heart did not truly sing until he ditched the star-studded career, moved to Kabul and started an Afghan-style School of Rock.

“I wanted the coolest, biggest rock band in the world,” Cordola, 60, told The Post. “But it would be centered around war-torn poverty stricken kids.” It’s the ultimate “School of Rock” experience, he acknowledged, “with kids who have no idea what the ‘School of Rock’ is.”

Now, with his adopted city on the precipice of disaster, Cordola is in a rush to save his Miraculous Love Kids students. “I haven’t slept for two weeks,” Cordola said, calling from Islamabad, Pakistan. “I’ve been working to get [my students] out of Afghanistan. I feel a sense of urgency. These girls are in peril.”

Amping up the pressure is the fact that ISIS and the Taliban frown upon Muslim females playing Western music. “I focused on the girls because boys were not getting threatened to be married off at 14,” Cordola said.

Cordola flew to Islamabad on Aug. 14, intending to get his visa renewed and to promptly return. He wound up on the last commercial flight out of Afghanistan; one day later, Kabul fell.

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