America is in peril, with wolves at the door

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The Washington Times:

K.T. McFarland, conservative politico, pundit, analyst and a former national security figure in President Donald Trump’s administration, told a rapt radio audience just recently that Robert Mueller’s thuggish investigators treated her so poorly, so viciously and so unfairly — trying to get her to cop to crimes she didn’t commit and accuse others of crimes they didn’t commit, either — that she and her husband, minus hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, fled to Scotland to recover and reflect on the New America: the place where civil rights are routinely violated by entrenched, smug bureaucrats.

Her story is eye-opening and illustrative of the current problems with the country. America stands at a crossroads. Freedom — or not.

“[There are] a certain group of people who have gotten used to governing and they think it is their divine right,” McFarland told WMAL, as reported by The Tennessee Star.

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