America First Rally in Anaheim Cancelled, ‘We Have a Duty to Call Out Speech That Doesn’t Reflect Our City and Its Values’

Another planned ‘America First’ rally featuring GOP Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene was canceled. Saturday evening’s ‘America First’ rally at the Anaheim Event Center in Orange County, California was canceled, citing safety concerns. The City of Anaheim released and Orwellian statement: “A planned America First rally at a private venue in our city is cancelled. The City of Anaheim shared public safety concerns with the operator, and those concerns are shared by the operator. As a city we respect free speech but also have a duty to call out speech that does not reflect our city and its values.”

MAJOR UPDATE: planned America First rally cancelled. See statement below.#abc7eyewitness #NBCLA #KTLA #KCBS #fox11 — City of Anaheim (@City_of_Anaheim) July 17, 2021

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene blasted the City of Anaheim. The @City_of_Anaheim does not believe freedom represents their values, but America Last communists cancel culture does.

Me and @mattgaetz are still having a rally to show all Americans how to stand up against tyrants and bullies using our great First Amendment! — Marjorie Taylor Greene (@mtgreenee) July 17, 2021

The event was originally supposed to be held in Laguna Hills at the Pacific Hills Banquet & Event Center but they canceled because the general manager said he wanted to “stay clear of that.” The event then got shuffled over to the Riverside Convention Center but they canceled at the last minute as well. We are entering a very dark time in this country if prayer and putting America first is considered dangerous.


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