Amazon worker claims coronavirus is ‘spreading like wildfire’ in warehouses

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The Mirror:

EXCLUSIVE: An Amazon worker has hit out at the company – claiming it’s putting workers’ lives at risk for non-essential goods such as lawnmowers and hedge trimmers

An Amazon warehouse employee has described his workplace as a “living hell” as staff work around the clock to deliver goods to homes trapped in lockdown.

The staff member, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Mirror Money coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in the Barlborough warehouse where he is employed.

“The country has been told Amazon will continue to stay open to provide their customers with essential items,” he explained.

“This is not true. We are not providing the essentials or playing a critical role. We are selling the same usual stuff we would do normally with a large increase in things like garden equipment (lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and chainsaws).”

He accused the employer of serving the public at the detriment of its workers, whose lives are being placed at risk for non-essential items.

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