Amanda Milius: Hollywood Turned James Bond into a ‘Simp’ Because He Was ‘White-Cis,’ ‘Too Masculine’

“James Bond is a simp” in No Time to Die, the latest film in the spy franchise, film director Amanda Milius said on Wednesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Milius described how Hollywood’s undermining of the iconic character’s classic attributes are part of a broader cultural campaign of remaking popular mythologies to comply with left-wing doctrines regarding “wokeness.”

“You can’t have a cool James Bond because it’s too masculine,” she remarked. “It’s too awesome. He’s a celebrated bachelor. The fact that they finally had to murder — and when I say that, I mean character-wise — they finally had to put James Bond in the grave in this one. You can tell that at just every opportunity that was their goal.”

She continued, “They have to kill James Bond. They have to make him a simp before they finally kill the whole series. … The whole point of culture and Hollywood, right now, is not just to … make movies that you [don’t] want to see, but it’s to take your icons — Superman is gay, James Bond is a simp — everything is the opposite of what it was supposed to be.”

She stated, “I can’t even enjoy the luxurious experience of washing a gazillion-dollar movie, because I’m [watching] dumb chick on a motorcycle uttering stupid one-liners over her shoulder to dress down the white-cis James Bond who’s just outgrown his era.”

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