Alternative to NATO proposed by Zelensky’s party  

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Jerusalem Post

With ongoing negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, Zelensky’s Servant of the People Party has proposed a new security agreement as an alternative to the country joining NATO. The party believes that in such an agreement, the guarantors may be the United States, Turkey, and neighboring countries – even including Russia. By signing such an agreement, Russia will allegedly have legal obligations to recognize Ukrainian statehood and refrain from threatening the Ukrainian people and government. The party acknowledges that such an agreement may seem absurd given the current situation, but insists that the new treaty will set out specific steps taken by other guarantor states against the violating party. “The alliance is not ready to accept Ukraine for at least the next 15 years, and it clearly says so. We do not even have support in a completely just war from the alliance – only from individual states.” A party spokesperson said. “As it is impossible to join NATO in the coming years, we cannot use only the lines of the Constitution [expressing our desire to join NATO on our] course to the alliance, to defend our country,” he said. “The course is politics – but not weapons, not planes, not state protection.”

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