Alleged mail bomber ‘stalked’ women during his stripper days: roommate


Alleged mail bomber Cesar Sayoc was a “shady” hustler who used to “stalk” women when he worked as a male stripper — and dreamed of becoming a big WWE wrestler, a former roommate and fellow exotic dancer revealed in a new interview.

“He would stalk girls. I never saw him put his hands physically on a woman but he was obsessive. Once he got his claws into a girl, he was very possessive,” Joseph Nunn, who stripped with Sayoc and shared an apartment with him for two years, told SWNS.

“If a girl agreed to go to dinner with him, the next thing you know he was telling me: ‘I love her’. I’d say: ‘You only met her two days ago,’” Nunn continued.

“Then I’d hear girls in the clubs saying that he had been in four evenings in a row and bringing flowers and making them feel uncomfortable … I think it was down to insecurity. He was always talking about his mother, saying that he loved her. There was always some drama with his mother.”

Sayoc — who was arrested Friday for allegedly sending more than a dozen pipe bombs to high-profile Democrats and critics of President Trump — toured with Nunn in a revue called Hollywood’s Hottest Bodies for six years in the 1990s, and the pair lived together in Florida between 1999 and 2001.

“He always wanted to be a different guy, not a male stripper,” Nunn, now a Tim McGraw impersonator and booking agent for male dancers, told SWNS.

“He was shady and there was always drama around him but I would never have thought he’d send a bomb to the former President of the United States.”

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