All the reasons de Blasio’s 2020 presidential candidacy is a complete farce


New York’s own Mayor Bill de Blasio will make it official Thursday, announcing his candidacy for president. Of the United States.

If you’re not laughing, then you don’t know Bill de Blasio like we know Bill de Blasio.

As the hometown paper and preferred foil, let us explain why Democrats across America shouldn’t waste time or money on this guy.

He is both incompetent and crooked; oblivious and arrogant. He won his current job in a fluke election back in 2013, yet ever since has seemed certain that he’s destined to be a major national figure — despite falling on his face time after time.

It’s no coincidence that de Blasio was the only Democratic candidate with net negative approval ratings among fellow Democrats in a recent national poll. He has nothing interesting to say — at least, not if he’s telling the truth.

Cash for ‘favors’

Let’s start with the “crooked” problem. As City Journal’s Bob McManus put it: “You would have to go back to Jimmy Walker, and maybe earlier than that, to find a mayor so egregiously inclined to use the municipal fisc as a political piggy bank.”

New York City has tough campaign finance laws, complete with a generous 8:1 match of public funds for smaller contributions — all designed to stop officeholders from selling access and favors.

After taking office in 2014, de Blasio did a complete end-run around those limits by setting up a nonprofit he controlled, the Campaign for One New York — and selling City Hall to CONY donors.

The most notorious favor was the lifting of a deed restriction: With City Hall pushing bureaucrats to OK the change, a developer paid $16.1 million to remove the requirement that a building be a health care facility — and made a $72 million profit by turning it into high-end condos.

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