All fracked up: Biden’s Keystone State breakdown

The Hill:

What the frack was Joe Biden thinking? Or is this what happens when the teleprompters are off, live TV is on, and a pandering politician befuddled by it all riffs — and whiffs?

Thursday night, from Erie to Pittsburgh, Harrisburg to Minersville, Wilkes Barre to Somerset, Pennsylvania voters learned the truth about Joe Biden’s “inconvenient truth.”

He’s now okay with fracking, but clearly not okay with oil and gas. The reactions were faster than Biden’s attempts at cleaning up what he’d stepped in later that night.

Biden’s I’m kind of for, kind of against fracking statements left progressives and environmentalists howling about his betrayal of the earth. 

Worse, Biden left the rest of the world scowling over his message of shutting down an energy industry that supports hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians, generates hundreds of millions of dollars, and ensures money for the kinds of basic services that allow communities to keep schools open and the lights on.

All of this defies history as much as it did the here and now, showing that a suddenly jostled Joe either didn’t understand, or just didn’t care. Attempting to have a foot in the buckets of both pro- and anti-fracking sentiment left him in an unpopulated DMZ, between the dog and the fire hydrant.

Biden challenged President Trump to produce any clips of him opposing fracking. Apparently, like he does with chilling regularity, Joe forgot what he’d already said. Before the debate ended there were multiple postings of Joe calling for an end of fracking juxtaposed with Biden’s challenge to put up or shut up. The president put up, leaving Biden to deny, deflect, then change the subject.

It’s reminiscent of Gary Hart daring the press to follow him after he was accused of infidelity. They did. Their photos of him with Donna Rice boarding a boat aptly named “Monkey Business” ended his candidacy. It took only five days for him to withdraw from the race.

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