All-Ages Christmas Drag Show Grooming Kids Across The Nation – Graphic Images & Videos

Independent journalist Tayler Hansen documented a highly disturbing drag show event held in Austin, Texas on Wednesday where children were subjected to extreme sexual content.

The “Drag Queen Christmas” tour is traveling across the country with these performers.

Warning! Graphic Material Ahead

The completely inappropriate routines included one performer named “Jimbo the Drag Clown” dancing with his “tits in a box” as a song repeating those words blasted over the PA.

In “Screwdolph the Red Nippled Reindeer,” dancers depicted sexual acts multiple times while a video of a shirtless Santa Clause whipping a sleigh led by shirtless men played in the background.

Male dancers wore kink harnesses, and a drag queen talked to a child in the audience and complimented the mother for bringing them.

A performer called “Crystal Methyd” licked his peppermint candy breasts at the end of his dance routine.

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