Alec Baldwin’s daughter Ireland slammed for ‘tone-deaf’ Halloween costume

NY Post

Alec Baldwin’s daughter Ireland has been slammed over her “tone-deaf” Halloween costume — in which she appeared along with her boyfriend oozing fake blood just days after her dad’s fatal on-set shooting. “So we stayed in for Halloween this year. There are reporters and paparazzi hanging out all over my street being super fun and invading all my privacy which is always a good time,” the 26-year-old wrote on Instagram. “We didn’t think we would celebrate, but we found some old costumes and blood, ate really good food, drank tequila, had a couple friends over, watched a scary movie and had 0 trick or treaters … How was your Halloween? Raise your hand if you went as squid game this year,” added Ireland, Baldwin’s daughter with Kim Basinger, 67. The fashion model was dressed up as a sexy schoolgirl — with faux blood streaming from her left eye and dripping onto her chest and tied-up blouse — while her beau, the musician known as RAC, was clad in a heavily bloodied shirt, the Sun reported. “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, what the hell is wrong with these people?” one person wrote on Reddit about the gruesome display.

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