Alec Baldwin and not-Spanish wife’s sickening act for sympathy

NY Post

How you say in English … Just shut up and go away?

After parading around Vermont all weekend, staging a bizarre, impromptu roadside press conference and then posting happy-family Halloween portraits on Instagram, Alec Baldwin and his insufferable fraud of a wife eee-LAR-ia have lost any public sympathy they once had. Boom. Gone. All in about a week. “Parenting through this has been an intense experience, to say the least,”

Hilaria posted on Halloween night. Really? Hilaria may want to talk to Halyna Hutchins’ widower about what it’s been like parenting their young son “through this intense experience,” his mother shot to death on a movie set.

But no: Feel sorry for the Baldwins, won’t you? “Halloween,” she wrote. “From the Baldwinitos.”

This is really sick, on so many levels. Those kids still aren’t Spanish, yet Hillary from Boston keeps pushing that lie. Nor can she stay off Instagram, no matter how bad it makes her and her husband look — to say nothing of the legal and financial jeopardy her husband is in, a husband who may find it exceptionally hard to ever get insured on a film set again. You know, get work and make money.

But no, the Rachel Dolezal of the Hamptons is back at it, asking for public sympathy with a soupçon of envy: Her husband may have accidentally killed a young wife and mother, but hey, covet their cozy autumnal New England lifestyle, won’t you?

Hutchins was buried on Friday. Her son, Andros, is only 9 years old. The UK Sun reported that the child was unable to speak for two days after his mother’s death. “Andros was incredibly close to his mother,” Halyna’s father told the Sun. “This tragedy has wrecked a beautiful, perfect family. Everyone who knows them is destroyed by sorrow.” Can you imagine what kind of Halloween this little boy had? What agony the coming holidays will be for him and his father?

Yet the Baldwins, in all their malignant narcissism, would have us keep our eyes on their particular freak show, one rife with bad acting, ill-advised activity and Alec’s strange aura of imperviousness.

You get the sense that Baldwin’s pretty sure he won’t be criminally charged and that all this overacting — how many photos were taken of Alec this weekend with his head in his hands after he was caught shopping at Ralph Lauren, or going on a coffee run, or sitting at a bar in Vermont, in a restaurant he and Hilaria bought out, right in front of a large window so the paparazzi could get their unobstructed shots? — is just to stave off a civil lawsuit.

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