‘Alarming Increase in Transit Crime’ – Frightening Video Shows Man, Woman Threatening Each Other With Knives On Crowded 2 Train

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CBS New York:

Frightening video shows a knife fight break out on the subway in Brooklyn.

An argument, for reasons unknown, on a crowded 2 train in Crown Heights on Wednesday afternoon had all the makings of a knife fight between a man and a woman.

A bystander eventually got between the feuding pair while a child in a stroller was seen dangerously close to the scuffle.

The argument escalates as the train comes to a stop, and it appears the male suspect is actually holding a blade in each hand. The female suspect leaves and in the end, no one was hurt.

In a second frightening incident … a knife also found its way onto a 6 train in Mott Haven later that night, when a young woman was slashed, cut across the head and hand in what bystanders say was an unprovoked attack. Police are still searching for that suspect.

The incidents are part of an alarming increase in transit crime.

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