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Everyone is speculating about who to blame for the Republicans blowing an easy win in Alabama. They’re saying it’s Roy Moore, the other predictable ones are saying it’s the RINO’s, or it’s the Washington Post. In fact, it’s not about any of them; it’s about the sex and scandal that our country is consumed with right now.

If you want a real interpretation, this vote upheld Christian values. Incidentally, Roy Moore who posed as a Ten Commandments guy was above everyone with his morality and then hung by his own petard. The voters said ‘He is the biggest hypocrite there is if this is true.’ They did not want anyone like this in such a high office.

The people of Alabama decided that he was a hypocrite whether they knew these allegations were true or false; It didn’t matter to a certain point. What mattered was the number of accusations. The electorate decided they didn’t want anyone as tainted as him in office. Alabama is a very Christian, very conservative state which left voters with a moral conundrum rather than a political one.

Now, you won’t hear that anywhere else, because God is dead in the media but not for The Savage Nation.

Ultimately, the results speak for themselves. The election was not a repudiation of conservative values as the small fry in the media may want to say. Instead, it was an affirmation of Christian values.

-Michael Savage, The Savage Nation 12/13/2017

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