Al Sharpton goes off on ‘limousine liberals,’ DC ‘elites’ ignoring crime: They ‘don’t live in the real world’


MSNBC host Al Sharpton on Monday slammed the approach by Washington, D.C. “elites” and “limousine liberals” in reacting to the rising crime gripping cities across the U.S., declaring those that ignored the problem “don’t live in the real world.”

During an appearance on “Morning Joe,” the left-wing host argued that Democrats were losing support from minorities because they didn’t understand what it was like to live a life like those dealing with crime, rising inflation and record high gas prices.

The segment began as a panel discussion with hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough alongside Sharpton and a number of other political commentators discussing the issues facing Democrats as they prepared for the midterm elections in November.

The panel noted the difficulties facing the party as its unpopularity among voters stemming from its handling of the economy remained a major concern. 

Scarborough blasted liberal politicians in Washington over what he described as “a blind spot” on where voters actually stood on the political spectrum and warned that they were repeating the same mistakes of the past by pushing far-left policies when more moderate ones proved to win out.

“Let me say it slowly for my Democratic friends in Washington, D.C.: Black voters are more conservative than you are, White woke leaders in Washington, D.C. Hispanic voters are more conservative than you are, White woke leaders in Washington, D.C., Asian-American voters are more conservative than you are … They’re more conservative on crime, they’re more conservative on education, they’re more conservative on these woke issues,” he said.


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