Airport gun attack erupts as cartel soldiers fire at planes in full-scale battle in revenge for arrest of El Chapo’s son

MEXICAN cartel gunmen have invaded an airport and opened fire at army planes in terrifying scenes.

Dramatic video shows cartel fighters wielding weapons storming Culiacan International Airport in the western Mexican province of Sinaloa.

Drug cartel gunmen from the fearsome Sinaloa cartel have launched the violent raid in revenge for the capture of El Chapo‘s son Ovidio.

The cartel’s armed wing has also set up roadblocks along the highways of Sinaloa to try and recapture the son of the notorious drug kingpin, who was seized earlier on Thursday.

Further footage shared on social media shows a convoy of cartel “sicarios” rushing to confront the Mexican Army following Ovidio’s arrest.

Another clip shows a Mexican military aircraft landing at the airport amid heavy gunfire.

The Mexican airline Aeromexico has said that a plane meant to fly from Culiacan to Mexico City was hit by gunfire and has been cancelled for security reasons.

No information has yet been released on any possible casualties in the raid on the airport.

However, one Sinaloa official says that seven security personnel have been injured in clashes, and says 18 blockades remain in place across the state.

The airline said the plane’s fuselage had been hit by gunfire on Thursday morning, but no passengers or workers had been harmed.


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