Air Force Official: China Buying High-End Tech ‘5-6 Times’ Faster Than US

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A U.S. defense official has warned the Pentagon that China is buying new, high-end equipment at a rate “5-6 times” faster than the United States, suggesting that a heated arms race could be developing between the superpower nations.

According to The Drive, which tracks advancements with military-related technologies, Maj. Gen. Cameron Holt, a deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisition, recently informed Department of Defense officials about China’s push to develop perhaps the world’s finest airborne military fleet.

As a counter, from Holt’s perspective, it is urgent that the U.S. overhaul the way it goes about fielding new weapons.

The major general oversees all aspects of acquisition for the Air Force, according to The Drive, “from buying new weapon systems to logistics and operational support.”

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