After New York gets ventilators, who’s going to operate them?

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New York Post:

“Gov. Cuomo said that ventilators are to coronavirus what missiles were to WWII. But you would not grab a front-line soldier off the battlefield, put him in the fighter cockpit and expect him to fly the plane, launch the missiles and defeat the enemy,’’ said Anthony Everidge, a 30-year veteran respiratory specialist.

Even if New York gets all the ventilators it needs to handle the growing coronavirus crisis, there’s still one major question — who will operate them, medical experts say.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said the state needs 30,000 ventilators if hospitals gets swamped with critically ill COVID-19 patients under the worst-case scenario.

Yet there are only a total of 7,713 respiratory specialists licensed to operate the breathing machines in New York, plus an unknown number of highly skilled nurses and doctors trained to use them.

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