After Cooperating With Feds at Twitter, Jack Dorsey Invokes JFK Call to Destroy CIA, FBI, NSA

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Despite Twitter’s widely documented cooperation with the security deep state and its cutouts in the NGO-media complex during his tenure as Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey is now dropping JFK quotes attacking the FBI, CIA, and NSA. “Splinter the CIA, NSA, and FBI into a thousand pieces and scatter them into the winds,” said Dorsey on Twitter, echoing a quote from President John F. Kennedy, who famously called for the CIA to meet the same fate. As if to underscore the point, Dorsey also tweeted a link to a portrait of JFK. Users on Twitter were quick to point out that Dorsey’s inveighing against the alphabet agencies comes a little late in the day, given that the security state — particularly the FBI — was allowed enormous influence over Twitter policy while Dorsey was CEO.

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