After 18 years of war, Taliban gets US to leave

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Jerusalem Post:

NATO has welcomed the new Taliban agreement, noting that it is between the US and the “Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and between the US and the Taliban.”

Americans born on September 11, 2001 are old enough to serve in the war in Afghanistan, which began after those 9/11 attacks. That war may now be ending – and the Taliban, which appeared to have been chased out of Afghanistan in 2012, is winning. This is an extraordinary turn of events, as the US has sought a deal with the Taliban, ignoring its own allies in the Afghan government, as part of President Donald Trump’s overall policy of reducing America’s global role and getting others to do more.

Taliban members have been globe-trotting over the last year during the negotiations. They relax in Qatar and travel to Russia, Iran and other countries. On Saturday, some of them arrived at the Sheraton in Doha. They didn’t speak with the Afghan government delegation, according to reports. This shows their end-goal and agenda. They will retake Afghanistan, almost two decades since losing it in 2001.

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