African Migrant Stones Swedish Bus Driver After Being Denied Free Ride

A bus driver in Sweden suffered serious injuries when he was pelted with stones by an African migrant demanding a free ride, according to reports.

The perpetrator, identified as Desale Alemseged, a 23-year-old male citizen of Eritrea, was recently convicted in the brutal attack, along with a slew of other crimes, but will not face deportation.

On April 7, Alemseged was waiting at a bus stop in Kungälv, a municipality in Västra Götaland County.

When a public transport pulled up, he tried to board without a ticket.

When the driver informed Alemseged he could not ride without paying, the Eritrean flew into a rage and began throwing rocks at the man.

The driver was struck in the head by a large stone and suffered multiple injuries.

Alemseged was arrested, but denied any involvement during interrogation, claiming he had “eaten pizza with a blonde” before taking a bus to “meet a Muslim priest” at the time of the attack.

When the Eritrean was showed surveillance footage of the barbaric assault, he claimed the suspect could be “someone else” matching his description.


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