Afghan Who Fled Denmark After Murder Now Begging Danes to Save Him from Taliban


An Afghani man who has been wanted for years by Danish police in connection with a murder case is now calling on the Danish government to help him escape the Taliban.

The Afghan, who has a permanent residency permit in Denmark, fled the Scandinavian country several years ago after being accused of involvement in a murder. He has been wanted by Danish police ever since.

Two weeks ago, the man allegedly reached out to Danish lawyer Rasmus Sølberg, asking for help to come back to Denmark, as he fears for his life under the Taliban, Danish newspaper B.T. reports.

“He fears for his life. If the Taliban catches him, he fears they will kill him. It may well be that their statements are softer than when they were in power last time, but they are not happy with people with Western connections,” lawyer Sølberg told the newspaper.

The Afghan also denies having been involved in the murder, claiming: “It was not a planned killing, so I did not take part in it. I was unfortunately in the store where the killing happened.”

“The man who was killed belonged to a very dangerous grouping that commits organized crime and extortion of people who have legal occupations, such as kiosks, greengrocers pizzeria, and small shops. The killing happened in one of the shops the gang used to threaten and extort money from,” the Afghan alleged.

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