Afghan sniper who helped British Army ‘hunted down and executed by Taliban’

An Afghan sniper who worked alongside British special forces in the war-torn country was hunted down by the Taliban on Monday and executed in front of his family, according to a former UK army colonel.

The victim, a father of five only identified as “N” to protect his surviving kin, reportedly was murdered after being one of the hundreds of Western allies left behind during a disastrous evacuation effort.

“He [had] been in hiding because of the threat he faced,” British former Col. Ash Alexander-Cooper, who was once a senior adviser to the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs, told the Times of London.

“But they found him, and he was shot multiple times, executed in front of his family,” said Alexander-Cooper, who served eight tours in Afghanistan, including at least one alongside “N.”

The murdered sniper had been in a “very effective” elite Afghan squad — known as CF333 — that was “mentored by the British,” the former army officer said.

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