Administrator is charged with fabricating two rapes which triggered huge protests from progressive students who blamed college for the ‘attacks’

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A Stanford employee who claimed she was brutally raped on campus twice by a coworker was charged with lying as part of a revenge scheme that also put some cash in her pockets.

Jennifer Gries, 25, faces felony perjury and other charges for the sham accusations, the Santa Clara District Attorney announced Wednesday.

The Housing Services employee allegedly smeared her coworker because she felt he gave her “false intention” and “turned her friends against her,” according to court documents obtained by The Post.

“Evidence shows that the Gries made up the stories due to being angry at a co-worker,” the DA’s office said in a release.

Gries allegedly told forensic exam nurses in August that an “unknown, late 20s, black male” with a slender build and 6-foot stature attacked her while she was headed to her car inside a campus garage.