Addicted to wokery, no matter the cost: California Democrats pass bill to allow MORE open-air drug sites – despite disastrous first attempt in San Francisco that is now set to close  

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California Democrats signed the bill, known as SB 57 yesterday – it is now with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office

The bill would allow for state-run, taxpayer-funded drug-taking sites to pop up in Oakland, L.A. and San Fran

Addicts could bring their own drugs and use clean, state-provided needles and other paraphernalia

California Republicans said it’s ‘crazy’ to ‘get people high as a kite and then turn them loose afterwards’

‘Fueling the drug epidemic with drug dens and needle supplies is like pouring gasoline on a forest fire,’ they said in a letter to Newsom’s office

That site, the Tenderloin Linkage Center, is set to close later this year after a disastrous pilot year

The site only reached 1 in every 1,000 addicts in the city and caused lines of people shooting up outside

California Governor Gavin Newsom is set to decide on a new bill that would allow for more open-air drug sites across his state, despite the disastrous pilot attempt in San Francisco which is now due to be closed. The bill, SB 57, was passed yesterday by the state senate and is now with Newsom’s office where, if signed, it will be passed into law. It would allow addicts to go take their drugs with needles and other paraphernalia that is paid for by the taxpayer. He has not yet indicated which way he is leaning. The bill passed yesterday with 21 Democratic votes over 10 Republican rejections and eight no votes recorded. It does not indicate how many sites are planned for each city, or how many people would be employed. But it stipulates they all would have to provide clean needles, be trained in CPR and have access to overdose-reversing drugs. They would also have to ‘make public a good neighbor policy that facilitates communication from and to local businesses and residences.’

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