Adam Schiff is really looking forward to investigating Donald Trump


On a chilly restaurant patio in beautiful downtown Burbank, Democrat Adam Schiff stepped into the room to the warm applause and the hugs of about 100 supporters.

It was 8:16 p.m., and his party had just won back control of the House of Representatives. The mood in the room, happy satisfaction, was a stark contrast with his last election-night bash.

“Two years ago,” the congressman said, “this party was like a funeral procession.”

With the Democratic takeover of the House, President Trump’s one-party party is over.

Dismayed by the antics of the self-described “stable genius” in the Oval Office, voters repainted a red House blue.

As a result, things are about to get very uncomfortable for a president who has been able to subjugate Congress to his will. One of his most daunting antagonists will be Schiff, who has big brown puppy dog eyes, apple-red cheeks and the mildest manner you’ve ever seen in a former prosecutor with a killer instinct.

Depending, as he put it, “on what Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi wants,” Schiff is the likely future chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He has vowed to restore the checks and balances on a presidency that has not just run rampant over norms, but is also trying to upend the Constitution itself. (See: birthright citizenship.)

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