Activist disguised as elderly lady in wheelchair smears cake on Mona Lisa portrait in Paris  

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A purported climate change activist masquerading as a wheelchair-bound elderly lady allegedly tried to vandalize the Mona Lisa at the Louvre on Sunday before he was hustled out by security guards. The wig-wearing man allegedly tried to break through the bullet-proof glass that protects the iconic painting and then threw a piece of cake or a custard pie at it shortly before closing time at the gallery. Leonardo da Vinci’s 16th-century masterpiece is one of the most popular attractions at the world-famous Paris museum and is situated in its own room where crowds often assemble to view it and routinely take pictures. Said one witness to the incident on Twitter: “Maybe this is just nuts to me but [a] man dressed as an old lady jumps out of a wheelchair and attempted to smash the bulletproof glass of the Mona Lisa. Then proceeds to smear cake on the glass, and throws roses everywhere all before being tackled by security.” Fortunately, the priceless painting was apparently not defaced, and staff quickly cleaned the icing off of the glass, and things got back to normal at the popular tourist venue.

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