Terrorist cuts brake line to NYPD van in latest deadly act of violence against cops

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Biz Pac Review:

An ‘activist’ (i.e., TERRORIST) taking part in New York City’s “Defund the Police” effort has been caught attempting to cut a brake line to an NYPD van, an act that could have caused the vehicle to crash, injuring or killing occupants.

Local media reports that Jeremy A. Trapp, 24, was charged with reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, and additional charges after police said they caught him in the act Friday afternoon in the Sunset Park neighborhood.

NYPD officers were watching and videoing the van after spotting someone underneath it. Officers took Trapp into custody after he emerged and attempted to run away, WNBC-TV reported.

Screenshots of video that were released to the local station appear to show Trapp as he crawls out from under the van, which was parked outside 4th Ave. and 42nd street, which is where the NYPD processes applicants.

Police said a subsequent examination of the van by a mechanic for the department found that the brake lines had indeed been severed, rendering them non-functional. NYPD officials told WNBC that Trapp is well-known to officers and that he has often been spotted coming and going from an ongoing “Occupy City Hall” protest in Manhattan.

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