ACLU Sues ICE Over Raid in Texas that Arrested Hundreds of Illegals

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The far-left American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against the federal government in response to a raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement near Dallas, as ABC reports. The lawsuit was filed after ICE allegedly refused to release the search warrants that authorized the raid, which took place in April in the city of Allen, about 15 miles outside of Dallas. The raid resulted in the arrest of 280 illegal aliens who were working at an electronics repair plant owned by CVE Technology Group. As a result, the ACLU claimed that ICE’s refusal to hand over the warrants constituted a violation of the Freedom of Information Act. David Donatti, a member of the ACLU, claimed without evidence that the raid may have violated the “civil rights” of the illegals. Donatti did concede that ICE has a right to refuse turning over such documents, but at the very least must explain why.


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