Accused Chinatown killer: ‘They don’t have me on camera killing her’


The deranged suspect charged with stalking and brutally murdering Christina Yuna Lee in her Chinatown apartment believes he’ll get off scot-free — because he wasn’t caught on video killing her with her own kitchen knife.

Assamad Nash, 25, is seen on surveillance video following Lee into her Chrystie Street building and pushing his way into her home, and was found at the bloody murder scene hiding under a bed, authorities said.

But in a 30-minute video interview from Rikers Island, he said he doesn’t think that will be enough to put him away.

“First of all, they gotta have me on camera killing her, I’m not on camera touching her at all,” Nash said.

“They only got me on camera going into the building, that’s it. They ain’t got no camera showing me killing that lady.”


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