Jazz pianist attacked by teens in subway station and unable to perform

New York Post:

A celebrated jazz pianist has been left unable to perform after a group of teens attacked him in a Harlem subway station, police said.

Tadataka Unno, 40, was badly beaten by eight teenagers who were blocking the turnstile at the West 125th St subway station of the B and C lines in Harlem back on Sept. 27 at around 7:20 p.m., according to police.

The teens are still being sought nearly two weeks later.

As Unno attempted to walk around the group, one of the girls in the group pushed him from behind and accused him of bumping into her.

“My girl is pregnant!” her boyfriend shouted at the musician, before socking him in the face with a closed fist multiple times, even as he fell to the ground, cops said.

Unno suffered a broken collarbone and bruising on his head and arm.

He was transported to Harlem Hospital in stable condition, police said.

His collarbone injury — suffered just blocks from his address — has robbed him of his piano-playing ability four months after he and his wife, Sayaka, had a baby together, according to his friend and fellow musician Jerome Jennings.

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