A Long-needed Conservative Movie Studio is Being Created to Counter Far-Left Hollywood

Fox News:

Hollywood has lost the ability to craft stories about real life, and viewers know it.

In the 2015 movie “Trumbo,” top Hollywood scriptwriter Dalton Trumbo fights against the evils of a blacklist that prevents him from earning a living in the late 1940s and 1950s because of his membership in the Communist Party of the United States.

The plot of the film — based on a true story — could work for a documentary about Hollywood today, but with an important twist. Now far-left and pro-Communist voices are celebrated. The cancel culture has come for conservative and Christian voices. And heaven help anyone in Hollywood who supports President Trump.

Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. is out to change that.

Sabato, remembered for a congressional run and his role on “General Hospital,” on Thursday announced a way to fight back. In true Andy Hardy fashion, he’s putting on a show — a lot of them. He’s starting a conservative movie studio. He has to.

It’s insanely difficult for good men and women in Hollywood who aren’t on the far left. “I was blacklisted,” he said. “All my representatives left me, from agents to managers to commercial agents. I literally had to move, find a new job to survive and take care of my kids.”

That gave Sabato the impetus to fix things. “We are putting together a plan to create a conservative movie studio for all patriots to do projects that Hollywood would never do,” he tweeted.

That’s a mighty long list. Hollywood no longer makes many movies that celebrate our nation or tell the true stories of the American experience. The gap between the Left Coast and the rest of our country has grown bigger than the Grand Canyon (the place, not the mediocre Lawrence Kasdan movie.)

Hollywood has lost the ability to craft stories about real life, and viewers know it. The audience has moved on to the only things movies can deliver effectively — escapist stories of animation, science fiction and superheroes. In the pre-pandemic days of 2019, back when people went to movie theaters, the top 10 films were completely dominated by such fantastic fare.


It won’t be easy. Sabato is starting a movie company. He’ll still be ignored by most big names and have to fight with unions, wealthy blacklisters and distribution networks that are run by people who hate the right. He might have to create entirely alternate means of distribution — churches and political clubs, for example.

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