A law school forces Maoist re-education on a professor who ran afoul of Black students

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Mao’s deadly Cultural Revolution germinated in academia when students embraced it and began to terrorize their professors by accusing them of anti-Maoist wrongthink. The movement lasted for a decade, during which hundreds of thousands to millions of people died, while China’s irreplaceable cultural and historical heritage was destroyed. We are experiencing a Maoist revolution in America, and, as in China, academia is ground zero for the great terror. The latest example is being visited upon Prof. Jason Kilborn, a law professor at U. Illinois-Chicago John Marshall Law School, for using the “n” word, literally, as in “n____.” Legal Insurrection has the whole story, and I urge you to visit it for the details, but I’ll give the short version here. I will precede it with a short anecdote from my own years a few decades ago at law school. In my torts class, the professor called upon an extremely shy young man to discuss a medical malpractice case that involved a woman complaining about injury to her vagina and anus during childbirth. When the student summarized the case, every time he came to those anatomical words, he choked. I’ve never forgotten the teacher telling the student, “When you represent a client in court, you must be able to speak firmly and without shame about anything that advances your client’s interests. There is no place for shyness or sensitivity if you’re to be a good lawyer.” How things have changed.

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