HuffPost Declares ‘Cop Rage’ Weekend: ’Police Violence Nationwide’

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The Verizon-owned HuffPost over the weekend described the violent protests across the nation as an instance of “cop rage,” declaring “police violence nationwide” as rioters continue to engage in criminal activity, attacking officers and destroying businesses in their own communities.

“Cop Rage: Police Violence Nationwide,” a header on the Verizon-owned media outlet read:

The HuffPost, in a Sunday piece, declared that “police brutality was on full display” as violent protests enwrapped U.S. cities. Many of the protests — stretching from Santa Monica, California; to Tampa, Florida; to Indianapolis, Indiana — were characterized by Anfia-like displays of hatred and violence. Photos and videos from various cities nationwide tell a similar tale, showing scorched and shattered businesses and police vehicles.

Despite the HuffPost’s implication of widespread police brutality at the protests, there have been countless instances of looters and rioters targeting law enforcement, specifically.

An officer in Jacksonville, Florida, for example, was hospitalized Saturday after being slashed in the neck. Two police officers in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, were also hospitalized on Saturday after protesters hurled bricks at authorities.

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