NYT: Countries With Monarchies Better, More Stable, Richer, and Unified


Monarchy is the cure for ailing nations, suggests the left-liberal New York Times, in an article that comes among resurgent Monarchism in Russia and unrest in Iran, where many look back on the freedoms enjoyed under the Shah.

The NYT reports:

From the comfort of his country estate in Oxford, a distant relative of the Russian literary giant Tolstoy says he has the perfect solution for what ails the United States.

America, he declares, needs a monarchy.

In fact, Count Nikolai Tolstoy says, more kings, queens and all the frippery that royalty brings would be not just a salve for a superpower in political turmoil, but also a stabilizing force for the world at large.

“I love the monarchy,” Count Tolstoy, 82, said as he sat in his lush garden behind an expansive stone house. “Most people think the monarchy is just decorative and filled with splendor and personalities. They do not appreciate the important ideological reasons for a monarchy.”

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