THE PARADOX OF TURKEY – Have the Neocons under John Bolton seized America’s foreign policy for the worse?

Let me ask you this when it comes to the foreign policy advisors to our President: Is truculence the only foreign policy they know? Every day when I wake up and read the news it seems the answer to that question is a resounding yes.

Today we wake to see the Turkish currency crashing to new lows, and why? Because of sanctions we imposed on Turkey over the detention of a U.S. pastor. You may think that’s justified, but is this the way you treat an ally? Turkey is a member of NATO and we are supposed to be united against our enemies, not treat one of it’s members as an enemy.

Yes, Turkey has problems. They are a paradox. During the Ottoman empire, the Jewish community thrived in Turkey going back some 400 years. Turkey, even going back into the end days of the Ottoman Empire was a place where women’s voices were heard. As early as 1922, before Turkey was a republic, women’s suffrage was being discussed in publications like those in a journal from the Union of Turkish Women, claiming that their time had come. In December of 1934 the Turkish Parliament granted women the right to vote in all national elections. Immediately, women were elected to the parliament and in the first election they were eligible to vote in, gained almost 5 percent of parliament. They were stepping into the 20th century and embracing the changes and freedoms of the west.

But there is where the paradox comes in. We cannot deny that before Turkey became a republic, even though they were recognizing some westernization, as head of the Ottoman empire, they were ruthless and vicious. There was the expulsion and genocide of the Greeks in the late teens and early 1920’s with almost 750,000 casualties. Half a million Christian Assyrians were killed. And of course, the worst genocide committed by the Ottoman Turks was the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians which in many quarters of the world is ignored today.

But when they became a republic in 1923, they began a change that brought them into the modern world. Although neutral in World War II, the Turks saved tens of thousands of European Jews from the Nazis, and allowed the passage of thousands more to Palestine. They also assisted eastern Jews and rescued them from the holocaust, and are our allies today. But now we wake up and we are imposing sanctions that are sinking their currency and driving the people of that country to embrace Islamism even more. The citizens of Turkey are even blaming America, and with the downward spiral that was leading toward embracing radical Islamic doctrine, it will push those people even more in that direction.

Why are Bolton and the neocons trying to start a war with Turkey? If not a shooting war an economic one. Add to that new sanctions against Russia. Are these same neocons trying to back Russia into a corner again? Is there no limit these people will go to mislead the President in his foreign policy decision making? Why does it seem we have to have war with everybody on the planet? We’re in a trade war with China and even our allies in Europe.

I hate to say it but it’s the people like Bolton that are close to the President and have taken over our foreign policy. It seems like we’re agitating for no reason whatsoever. Could this be a result of the constant badgering of the President being in cahoots with Russia causing him to show he is not? It’s possible. The Democrats are actually forcing an unintended consequence. And that is war with Russia.

The same thing now is happening with Iran. Yes, it was right to get out of the Iran deal, but ramping up the rhetoric about war with them can be even more dangerous. They have the money and resources to unleash terror on our assets abroad and on our shores. And we are in a trade war with China, possibly the one main threat to us economically and militarily.

We need to stop this, and we need to stop listening to the neocons. We need peace, not war. And someone has to get the President’s ear to get him to stop listening to the wrong people. Mr. President, please hear me.