Biden Foundation Targets Parents Who Don’t Support Child’s Gender Transition


The Joe Biden Foundation has launched a campaign that seeks to protect gender-confused children from parents who do not affirm their desire to transition to a gender that is incompatible with their biological sex.

A press release from the former vice president’s foundation Tuesday states the new initiative, dubbed “As You Are,” claims it is parental rejection that leads to the high rates of severe mental illness among LGBTQ youth:

“Family rejection significantly contributes to negative outcomes” for LGBTQ young people, specifically severe depression and suicidal ideation, states the Biden Foundation.

“Rejecting behavior is not limited to a parent disowning or kicking out their child,” the foundation says. “It can also include subjecting young people to ‘conversion therapy,’ blocking their access to LGBTQ friends and networks, or keeping a young person’s LGBTQ identity ‘secret.’”

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