Footage captures doomed duck boat’s final moments


The last moments before a tourist duck boat tragically flipped over on a Missouri lake Thursday, killing 17, were captured on a video shot from a larger nearby cruise vessel, where onlookers witnessed the deadly disaster as they were sitting down to dinner.

Jennie Phillips-Hudson Carr posted the shocking footage on her Facebook page, showing the two smaller amphibious duck boats bobbing violently in the currents of Table Rock Lake near the tourist town of Branson.

Throughout the five-minute video, voices from inside the dinner cruise could be screaming their concern as waves crashed into the neighboring vessels.

“Wow,” “Oh my God,” “Oh no” and “Oh those poor people” could be repeatedly heard in Carr’s video, with dinner plates and utensils clanking in the background.

“They should have never come out here with those things,” one male voice said.

“If there’s kids on there, those poor babies,” a female voice could be heard.

Both were in trouble, and one was seen being swamped by water. But the video cut out before it was clear which one was the duck boat that eventually flipped.

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