Disturbing Video Captures Brazen Bat Attack on NYC Sidewalk, Range Rover Getaway


Cops are looking for two suspects in connection with a brazen bat attack on a Bronx sidewalk last month that was captured on disturbing surveillance video.

Dramatic footage from the June 17 mid-afternoon attack on Southern Boulevard in Longwood shows the suspects get out of a Range Rover, one of them wielding a long metal bat in his right hand. The man with the bat runs onto the sidewalk as the other man, who had been driving, runs around his side of the vehicle.

The man with the bat is seen chasing someone down on the sidewalk, winding up and whacking him in the head as if he were angling for a home run on a baseball diamond. The victim falls to the ground as bystanders turn to stare.

The attacker hands the bat off, then walks calmly down the street as the victim lies on the pavement, not moving. The two suspects get back into the SUV and drive off.

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