If Rosenstein is telling the truth, this is all on Obama

Today Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced an indictment of 12 Russian military officers for conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. Can someone please explain what hacking an election means? Did they change votes? No. Did they force people to vote a certain way? No. What exactly does this mean?

I’ll tell you what it means. If Rosenstein is telling the truth it means it was the Obama administration’s failure. We know this because this came up during the campaign. Obama himself tried to show what a tough guy he was telling the press he told Putin to ‘knock it off.’ So if he knew it was going on, why didn’t he stop it? Where was Loretta Lynch while this was going on?

They knew and did nothing because they didn’t want any taint on a Hillary Clinton election. They were so sure of her win, they were going to make sure that everything looked on the up and up. Everybody keeps saying ‘enough about Hillary’s emails’ but what happened today is exactly what it’s all about.

This is a huge deal. This is like a third world military coup. That’s not hyperbole. You had testimony from a lying FBI agent yesterday that exposed the Mueller investigation for the witch hunt it is, and you had the President meeting with Putin on Monday, and then this comes out. This is purposely done to discredit yesterday’s testimony and sabotage Trump’s meeting with Putin.

Rosenstein says the timing had only to do with when the facts were gathered. What a load of crap that is. This is like a shadow government, an enemy of our government trying to stop our elected leaders from doing their jobs. Jeff Sessions let this happen by the way, recusing himself and letting this rogue Deputy Attorney General, who was unelected run roughshod over our President, and using Mueller as his attack dog.

And what did they find? They repeated again today, as they have 100 times before that no votes were changed. You want to know if there was collusion? There is, it’s collusion from this shadow government to undermine Donald Trump. This is so dirty that it’s beyond comprehension that it can happen in a nation that is supposed to be governed by the rule of law and have checks and balances.

How can the media be silent on this? For the same reason they have been piling on him for the last year and half. They’re trying to force him out of office like a tin pot South American dictator. They’re in on it. They are the propaganda arm for this shadow government. Do you realize what’s just been done? How can Trump have a productive meeting with Putin after having this thrown into the fire?

Basically what Rosenstein is admitting, is that the Obama administration was so busy spying on political enemies in America that they let the Russians hack into their campaign. And didn’t Obama send operatives to other countries to undermine their elections. He most certainly did, very openly in the case of Israel. And how about what he did to Libya? Remember what Hillary said? The only Muslim country that Obama took any kind of stand against was Libya. Why? Because they were coming closer to our side.

This is becoming more obvious by the day that there are people in our government who are working to take down this administration. And Obama’s fingerprints are all over it.