Subway panhandler bashed me with a pipe because I wouldn’t give him money


A straphanger said Monday he was clubbed into a bloody mess by a subway panhandler — just because he refused to cough up any money.

“I didn’t have no money to give him,” Michael Vansluytman, 59, told The Post from his hospital bed, where he is being treated for a fractured skull and eye socket. “He was up in my face, so I said please get out of my face.

“He said I’m disrespectful.”

Geovannie Nieves, a 35-year-old who lives in a Brooklyn homeless shelter, was charged Monday with felony assault with a weapon.

Nieves told reporters Monday as he was perp-walked from the Manhattan Robbery Squad to an awaiting police car that he is “sorry,” but “don’t remember nothing that happened” – except that the argument wasn’t over money.

“No,” he said defiantly when a reporter asked if the attack was about cash.

“Misunderstanding. It was a misunderstanding,” said Nieves, who was sporting cuffs around his ankles and wrists, along with the same “Everlast Sport” cutoff T-shirt and black hat he was seen wearing in the video of the attack.

“I’m sorry,” he said, looking bewildered and confused. “I don’t mean it that happened. I don’t remember nothing that happened.”

Vansluytman, an MTA worker from the Bronx, said he was headed to his sister’s house in Brooklyn on a southbound No. 2 train around 11 p.m. on Saturday when the “crazy” panhandler asked him for cash.

“He was acting crazy. Nobody paid attention to him, because there was only like four of us in that car,” Nieves said.

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