Dad beaten to death with bat after accusing teens of stealing kids’ bikes


A British dad was beaten to death by a group of teens — one wielding a cricket bat — when he confronted them about stealing a pair of bikes belonging to his girlfriend’s kids, according to reports.

Derek Whyteside, 42, was attacked in the street less than a mile from his home in Shropshire on Monday afternoon and was rushed to the hospital with a fractured skull, the Telegraph UK reported.

He was placed in an induced coma but died later of his head injuries.

“Someone thought it would be OK to wrap a cricket bat round his head while he’s dying on the floor,” his partner, Michelle Adie Wilson, wrote on Facebook. “He’s been jumped and punched in the face.”

Hours earlier, she’d posted about two boys who had stolen a black and gray boy’s bike and a pink and black girl’s bike from outside her house.

Neighbors told the Telegraph and the Daily Mail that Whyteside approached the teens to get the bikes back, and was attacked.

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