Mr. Trump put statesmanship above the desires of his electorate

Trump and his voters are just one of the many cases of mass hysteria infecting American society today, and likely, the most destructive. As I write these words, two of the most malicious acts in living memory have been perpetrated by agents of the left.

First, Antifa has published the home addresses of ICE agents, essentially guaranteeing that these hard-working, law-abiding, honest and decent men and women will be harassed at levels no citizens should be forced to endure. And that’s if they’re lucky with these cowardly masked goons, violence against the public servants is inevitable.

The second obscenity was the odious suggestion by Peter Fonda, brother of the infamous Hanoi Jane, son of the one-time communist sympathizer Henry Fonda, that Barron Trump, son of the president the United States, be locked in a cage with pedophiles. It’s appropriate that in this stoner’s view the real animal is the one outside the cage.

Now, flip that for a moment if you will, can you imagine what would have happened to anyone who tweeted that kind of sentiment about the daughters of Barack Obama?

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and every shockable Democrat on the Hill would have been calling for blood. Where is the outrage? More importantly, where is the humanity? Where is the decency?

It is gone. It is lost in the sea of mass hysteria that dominates our world in a way and in a level history has never seen before in this country. Can it be stopped before we have an actual civil war?

It must be stopped before America is lost. This question is a real one on the same day as those earthquakes hit the cheering mainstream media, President Trump after just one day of bad media, issued an executive order that terminated the administration’s policy of splitting migrant families. Mind you, the policy was designed to stop criminals to prevent individuals from crossing our borders illegally. For these people, children were just the props to make leftist hearts bleed and to let the lawbreakers take advantage of the benefits of living in his great nation.

I was initially disappointed in the president, but then I thought about what he said: “We’re keeping families together, and this will solve that problem. At the same time, we are keeping a very powerful border and there continues to be zero tolerance.”

Well, there was a storm of protest from the left that the media would have fanned so that the smoke of that fire would obscure every goal President Trump has for this nation. Trump made a disagreeable decision one that went against the law and his own ideals. He made a political decision. Maybe that’s why he may turned out to be the greatest commander-in-chief of our generation. Mr. Trump put statesmanship above the desires of his electorate.

If President Richard Nixon had done that when the Watergate scandal broke, owned up to an environment he created that allowed for corruption, he might never had have had to resign. It would not have defined his administration and obscured his real achievements.
President Trump capitulated so that we could get off this topic and try to solve the problem of illegal immigration and anchor babies through legislation, which of course, the Democrats have been stonewalling in an effort to poison Trump to voters care for the illegal immigrants. That’s not even on the Democrats radar. The jury is out on whether the president by putting out this fire can turn to stopping the bigger one our porous and ineffective borders.

My fear and my gut tell me that the social virus of all-consuming hate of the left is impervious to dispassionate reason just as physical viruses are impervious to antibiotics the left does not just hate President Trump, they hate this nation.