Trump’s strategic retreat


The media is making hay over President Trump’s executive order stipulating that families entering the U.S. without authorization be detained as family units, calling it a ‘cave-in’ or else, as Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty put it, “forced into retreat by babies.”

Yeah, sure.

As Brian Joondeph superbly points out here:

Trump’s executive order stipulates that the government will continue to prosecute illegal border crossers. And instead of separating families, they will be kept together, in detention facilities, while waiting for their cases to be heard by the courts.

Is this what Democrats wanted when they urged Trump to use his executive order power? Was this the “cave in” that the media thinks it is? The only cave is where the Democrats will be wandering in come November. Only a day ago Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer urged President Trump to, “Sign an executive order to end the separation of families at the border, saying it doesn’t require legislation.” He even offered to lend Trump his pen to sign the order.

Be careful what you wish for since you might get it.

(You really have to read the whole thing, along with this one by John Turner, both are superb pieces)

My own take on it is that Trump, like a general, executed a careful strategic retreat. He knew the press had a live one with its saturation-coverage of crying toddlers on television, and never mind that they were brought into the U.S. illegally, courtesy of either their parents or the human smugglers they hired. Republicans were caving in left and right, and Democrats were feeling their oats. The amnesty-happy Bush clan had a field day.

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